Will I see you… in September?… (music)

4 Sep

To the person who asked the question about upcoming workshops, watch this space. I may be doing a session in late September or October…

Now – with the strains of “See you in September” echoing round your skull – what’s new with me?

Well, I had a fantastic time at the wonderful Chef Courtney Contos’ Kitchen Store in Shelburne Vermont recently. Did a pig and sausage class, with tempting tastings of the pork cuts and finished sausages.  And if you’re ever in the area you MUST visit the store. My personal favorite is the pig butter dish. I want it.

Chef Courtney's pig butter dish

Chef Courtney’s pig butter dish

Anyway, keeping on keeping on… a few days later I was one of the judges for a burger cook-off at Chef Contos’ store.  Burp – may have gained a few pounds; I have never eaten more hamburgers. Great fun.  Why do they call it a “hamburger”? No ham in it!

What having y’all been doing? I’d love to know and so would your fellow blog readers. Why not write in and tell me? Let’s all get to know each other.

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