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29 Sep

Eat Me

I have a question for y’all…

If I produced a DVD about how to butcher a deer, would you buy it?

I ask this because this past weekend at the Mother Earth News fair, just about everyone – EVERYONE – asked me if I had a deer DVD.  I get that question in Vermont a lot too.  

So I’m asking all of you to let me know whether you’d be interested in a deer butchering course.  Not field dressing – there are plenty of DVDs about that.  What I’m talking about is a DVD that demonstrates two alternate methods of breaking down a deer carcass.

If this interests you, let me know by emailing me at colethebutcher@yahoo.com.  If I get enough interest, I’ll create a DVD for you.

Think Xmas gift! For that hunter in your life! 

Butchering bear. Not.

12 Aug

Try it. Just try it.

Somebody recently asked me whether  butchering techniques are identical for all animals.  The answer is, nope. Different approachs, techniques and knowledge are required for different animals.  

Lamb butchering starts with a whole carcass, hog with a half carcass, and beef with a quarter carcass.   In terms of technique, lamb is similar to goat and – surprisingly – venison.  Hog, wild boar and bear (yes, bear) are similar to each other.  Beef, moose and some other large game animals share similar butchering techniques.

The texture of different animals varies considerably.  Bear is a coarse meat, while pig, lamb and beef are much smoother in texture.  Which in turn, influences the butchering approach.

Animals have a kind of built-in “road map” of glands, fat and bones, which varies according to the individual species.  These road-maps show the butcher where to cut.  It’s exactly what doctors used to do, before the rise of medical imaging technology.  Pity the patient with a myopic surgeon.