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Stop that chicken!

3 Feb

When I was just starting out, I worked in a meat department at a supermarket.
A lady named Fran used to come into the store every week for her meat.
She would only deal with the manager.

One day, she came in while he was at lunch.  I was the only one there, so she had to deal with me.  She asked me for chicken legs.   So I asked her “front legs or back legs?”

She said, “What’s the difference?”  And I said, “Well, they run on their back legs, so the back legs are a lot more tender.”  So she said, “Then give me the front legs.”  So I gave her a package of chicken legs.

Anyway, shortly after this I became her butcher instead of the manager.  And one day she came in and I was at lunch.  So she asked the manager for chicken legs and said, “Make sure I get the front ones.”  So he said, “You mean these legs in the front of the meat case?”  And she said, “No, the front legs of the chicken – Cole told me they’re the most tender because they run on their back legs.”

He looked at her and said, “Fran – how many damn legs does a chicken have?”  And she thought about it for a second, and she said, “Son of a gun – I’ve been asking him for front chicken legs for six months.”

Next time she saw me she gave me hell… but she was laughing.

This is a true story.