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FLU TWO – nuts!

17 Feb

Unbelievable. Flu again. That’s twice in two months.

Anyway, as I lay on my back on top of the bed deciding whether the flecks on the ceiling were spiders (are they moving, or is it hallucinations?), I started thinking about where I live. Choose to live. And it occurred to me that living in the country is better than living in a city. This is not the first time this has occurred to me.

I know most city people think country life is kind of boring, and that country people are well, maybe a little limited. But I’ve lived in LA (probably not the best place to use as a comparison), and trust me, country is better.

Thing is, “country” isn’t what city people think it is. It’s not limited at all. I think the country offers much more choice and diversity than city life.

I sense your urban hackles rising, but hear me out. The people who rub shoulders in a typical Vermont community are a wonderful mélange (see, a French word from a rural guy) that never ceases to delight me…

Farmers of all types – organic, dairy, rare breeds, micro-greens, specialty meats – all educated, sophisticated and networked into local and regional networks focusing on improving the quality of food. These are some of the most interesting, best informed people I’ve ever met.

Maple producers – from big commercial producers to the smaller semi-hobbyist. Maple syrup is big business here, and the technology is complex – very few do it with buckets anymore.

Specialty service and product developers, tucked away in the hills, involved in R&D and international trade of all kinds: computer software, fitness equipment, aerospace components, fine chocolate, gourmet coffee… the list goes on.

Sports freaks (lots of them here): downhill and Nordic skiers, dog mushers, mountain bikers, climbers, hunters (of course) and on and on.

Artists, writers, film directors and scriptwriters, musicians, dancers, photographers, craftspeople – the place is packed with them. Many of their names would surprise you; they have shows on broadway, films you’ve seen, books you’ve read and music you’ve heard. They live here because they understand the richness of culture and choice that the country provides. By the way, did you know that the Disney horse “Hidalgo” lives in Vermont?

Oh shut up Cole, you’re getting weepy.
Enough about Vermont

So how about another recipe?

Chicken Roulades a la Cole Version #2 – Asparagus

Take one-half chicken breast and butterfly it open (make sure your knife is sharp).

Separately, on your board or counter:
Lay down 2 thin slices of prosciutto (imported is best)
Then lay 2 slices of Vermont Cabot cheddar cheese on top of the prosciutto
Take a little bundle of asparagus tips (5-7), lay them at one end of the prosciutto/cheese layers and roll everything up.

Tuck everything inside the butterfled chicken breast, then fold the breast over and squeeze nice and tight
Dip into buttermilk
Roll in unflavored breadcrumbs (I make my own)

Place on a baking sheet in a 350 F oven for approx 30 min uncovered.

Tell me how this works for you, OK?


The Gourmet Butcher's Chicken Roulades – Version #2 – Asparagus