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Ahhh… all better now.

21 Aug

Had pneumonia. That’s why I haven’t been around. Back and frisky. So what’s new?

Well, I did a fantastic two-day workshop at Sterling College in the beautiful (as, “time seems to have forgotten it”) village of Craftsbury, Vermont. We had eleven students from all over the USA and Canada, including a Toronto chef, a chef from New York City, a Texas farmer and a few awesome young ladies. Love the way that more women are getting in the craft – or should I say art? – of butchery.

Pig, deconstructed

Pig, deconstructed

We processed a pig that had been raised by the students at Sterling College. Weighed in at 560 lbs… now that’s a whole lotta hog.

I demonstrated how to cut half the animal on day one; the students then had at it on the second day.  Every day we cooked up some of the pig for lunch.  One of my favorite dishes is side pork, pork steaks and cutlets.

The 2-day workshop is part of Sterling’s two week course on Charcuterie.

Check it out.