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Fresh Pork means… ???

11 Feb

Here’s something you might not know.

When you’re buying pork, fresh has a very specific meaning for cuts like bacon, shoulder or ham.  It means that the meat is not smoked.  So if it’s called “ham”, it’s smoked.  If it’s called “fresh ham”, it’s not.

Examples are pork steak versus fresh pork steak, picnic shoulder versus fresh picnic shoulder, bacon versus fresh bacon.  You get my gist.

Keep in mind that if the pork is smoked, it may not be fully cooked.   Read the label or ask to find out whether it’s “partially cooked” or “fully cooked”.

Moving on to something tasty…
Lots of folks ask me about fresh bacon – as in, isn’t it just bacon with an adjective?


Fresh bacon is not smoked.  It’s often called side-pork in supermarkets.  If you get it from a butcher, it’ll be called fresh bacon or sliced pork belly.  And it’s delicious.  You bacon lovers – as in all of humanity – ought to try it sometime.

Couldn’t be simpler to cook:

Season the fresh bacon slices with salt and pepper.
Place into a HOT cast-iron skillet – NO GREASE NEEDED, for obvious reasons
Fry till edges are crispy.
Fight over left-overs.

I like to serve this with corn bread and boiled potatoes mashed with milk gravy or scorched gravy.  To make scorched gravy, simply scorch flour in a dry cast iron skillet till slightly brown, then mix it with the bacon drippings and salt and pepper to make your gravy.

And a final note for no apparent reason…

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The Gourmet Butchers' Fresh Bacon