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Big Meat – big deal?

27 Mar

If you’re considering buying a large meat item (like a whole New York Strip or Rib-eye), because the store is offering it at a cheaper price if weighed untrimmed before the butcher cuts and wraps it up for you, think twice. 

Alternately, ask them to weigh the finished product in front of you at the regular retail price of the actual cut steaks… then see whether you’ve actually saved any money. 

Customers are often deceived into buying whole strips (for example at $5/lb for fifteen) and having it sliced and wrapped, instead of buying already-cut steaks for say $8.99 a pound.  The customer suffers the loss of the waste;  in other words, you’ll be paying for the weight of blood in the bag and the bag itself. 

So this “cheaper” option may cost more than individually-cut steaks.

Just saying.

Chicken giblets

I always simmer the giblets from my chicken or turkey to make a bread stuffing using the broth.  I pull the meat from the animal’s neck off with a fork, add it along with the liver, heart and gizzard and grind them to add to the stuffing.  Then I add diced apples – skin and all – and sweetened cranberries or walnuts (if nobody has any nut allergies).  I often buy a few extra chicken livers to go in with the rest of the giblets – adds great flavor.

WOGS (And this is not what you think)

9 Feb

You may have heard the British phrase “WOGS begin at Calais”. 

In butcherland “WOGS” means something entirely different. 
A WOG is a small 2.5 to 3.5 pound chicken that is sold “WithOutGiblets”. 
This is the bird commonly used for rotisserie chicken.

My question is, where did all those giblets go?  Because giblets are delicious – particularly chicken liver. 
To prove my point, I offer a recipe for Jewish chopped liver – fondly known as “heart attack on a plate”…

  • Small pile of FRESH (!!!) chicken livers
  • chopped onion
  • 2-4 hard boiled eggs
  • oil or rendered chicken fat (which I know you won’t use, but you might as well know how this used to be made)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

       Sauté the onions in the oil till soft. 
       Add livers and cook, turning, till done (about 8 minutes). 
       Then chop or grind (do NOT purée) with the eggs.  Season.

Try it, you’ll like it.  Eat, eatWhat?  You think it looks icky? 
You should try it… it’ll put hair on your chest.
Because if you don’t use the giblets in a chicken, why pay for them?  Right? 


Now back to the original British term “WOGS”.  It isn’t pleasant.  In the UK “WOG” was a racially-offensive term referring to a non-Brit.  It was often applied to differently-skinned, non-British people.

The origin of the term is unknown.  Some say it derives from Golliwogg, a blackface minstrel doll from a 1895 kids’ book.  Others say it’s from Pollywog, a maritime term for a person who hasn’t crossed the equator.  And others say it stands for “Westernized Oriental Gentleman” or some such.  Anyway, it’s not nice, so please, only apply this to chickens. Who probably resent it too.

‘Nuff said.

For further information, look up the term “WOGS begin at Calais.”