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Ground Meat behind the scenes

21 Sep

Too much information?  or helpful?  you be the judge.

Many markets have large grinders with a mixer.  This is to produce ground meat.  The machine uses perforated round steel grinding plates, through which the meat is forced, thus becoming (ta da) ground meat.  The machine comes with several grinding plates, each with a different diameter of hole for, obviously, a variety of textures.

I’ve found that many places grind the meat through too fine a plate, then put the meat back into the machine and let it mix for five minutes or so.  It’s then ground several more times. 

This is way too much working of the meat

Not only is it too much handling, is also tends tends to warm it up – thereby reducing its shelf life, as well as giving it a sandy or gritty texture. (Of course, you won’t know this till you taste it.)

The correct procedure is to use a medium plate with larger holes and to grind the meat only twice – without mixing – for no more than five minutes.  This produces a final product that is much juicier and much better textured.

Using a plate with very fine holes for fine grinding is appropriate if you’re after an emulsified product for hot dogs or wurst… bearing in mind that these will generally require multiple grinding with a proper fat mixture, with chilling between each grind. 

So, for meatier, juicier burgers or ground meat, ask your butcher which plate he or she uses in the grinder. 

It takes only a minute to change the plate.  If the butcher is accommdating (as if!)

How knowing your butcher keeps you healthier.

28 Nov

You’re thinking, “I know this… having my own butcher means I get a better – and cleaner – cut of meat.”

That’s part of it – but not all of it.

How many out there like hamburger?  Most of you.  So do I.  Now, where do you buy your ground meat?  Think about this a little, and ask yourself if you know how many cows that ground meat came from.  Do you know if it’s all muscle meat with no fillers? or blood? or….  you get my jist.

So you don’t know what you’re getting, do you?

Fix it.  If you buy from a local butcher dealing with local meats, chances are that the ground meat you’ll get comes from one particular cut of muscle meat, or it comes from no more than one or two different cows in all.
Now you know what’s in the meat, and if you ask for something specific, like
I would like a top round steak ground”, then you’re getting just the muscle meat, which is much safer, and that piece of top round came from only one animal.

Just saying…