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Another weighty thought …

19 Oct

I knew a guy who owned a butcher shop;  he had seven meat scales on a very long meat case.  Each scale had a ridge on the side facing the customer. 

Every morning he’d put a hot dog up against the ridge of each scale.  So every time he weighed meat for a customer he got paid for the hot dog… all day long… every sale. 

At night he would dump the dogs into a bucket of cold water and put the bucket into the cooler.  The next day those hot dogs would come out of the bucket looking good as new. 

So he’d put them out for sale and place new ones up against the ridge on the seven scales. 

He used to brag about how much money he was making with this con game.  And it’s probably still happening somewhere near you…

Hot Dogs

5 Sep

What are “Natural Casing” Hot dogs?

These are the dogs that pop when they’re cooked on the grill. 

“Natural casing” generally refers to sheep or hog intestines, very well cleaned of course. 
Artificial casings are just that:  artificial. 

Kinda like wrapping meat in saran wrap, then cooking it and eating the saran wrap.  I don’t digest them very well; they give me stomach cramps.  I wonder why. 

Kids love hot dogs, and I don’t believe they should be eating the ones with artificial casings.  Natural is the only way to go. My opinion only.  I feel the same about link sausage tool.