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In like a lamb…

10 Jan

RACK OF LAMB – Cole style

Add a little oil to a really hot pan.  Then sear the meat “presentation side” down first.  Then sear the rest, and don’t forget the bottom.

Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle on a little rosemary and place into a 450 F oven.  Yes, that hot!… with a piece of meat as choice as this, hot and quick’s the way to go.   Re the oven temp… you can go up to 500 F but do not go lower than 425.

Roast till nearly done then for the last three minutes, drizzle the lamb with honey and sea salt.  Should take about 8-10 minutes tops.


Another fun thing to do is cut the rack into individual chops, sprinkle with sumac or some other middle-eastern spice and just mark them on the grill, quickly.  It’ll just take a minute or two per side.  And then serve them as an appetizer, like little lollypops, with yogurt sauce for dipping. One bite.

Lamb Chops