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30 Jan

Pork internal temperature:

I get a lot of questions about pork.  Specifically, the correct internal temperature to cook it to before serving.  I’m vigilant about buying only the best meat from a properly-raised animal (which is why I like to know about the farmer behind the product), so an internal temperature of 145 degrees F is what I look for.  This gives me a tender, delicious result.  However, most people prefer to cook pork to a higher internal temperature of 155 degrees… it provides peace of mind.  And I agree.  If you’re uncertain about the quality of the meat, err on the cautious side.

Brisket – which cut is best?

Ah, my little chickadees – again there is no final answer (have you noticed that about life?).  You can ask for the tip (also called point cut), which will be tenderer because it’s fattier.  Or you can ask for the flat cut, which is leaner, therefore not as tender.  Your cooking method will often determine which cut is best for the final dish;  also length of time in the oven.  Leaner cut = more cooking time.

Roast Beef – bone in or bone out?

This may surprise you, but whether or not the bone is attached will not affect the taste. So again – personal taste and convenience.  No bone = easier to carve.

But ah, the joy of gnawing on those bones.  That caveman thrill.  That feel of grease on the face.  The looks of horror from the other diners.
Isn’t it all worth it?