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Getting ready for Prime Time. Big news.

15 Jan

It may be dark out there in winterland, but things are heating up here.

Cole’s Cuts has just joined the Foodie Blogroll (click on their logo at the right to meet a world of foodies). I’m looking forward to bringing the almost-lost art of master butchering to lots more folks.

So hi there, foodie blogroll people!

Now let’s talk about the small farmer…

In my opinion, there are two types of small farmers out there:  the farmer raising meat for his or her own use, and the farmer doing it as a business to sell at farmers’ markets and local organic stores.

These folks aren’t at all like the farmers I grew up with, who dropped out of school in the eighth or ninth grade to run the farm.  Today’s farmer is educated – a college grad who believes in local food, and wants to be part of the sustainable farming movement.

And they’re not happy with what they’re getting when they take their animals to be processed.  They put a lot of care, time, money and energy into raising a quality animal, and they’d like to make sure that every bit of that animal is being used – honoring that animal.

This is what I teach in my butchering classes.  Lots of farmers come to the classes,  because they raise their own meat and want to learn how to cut their own animal and not rely on the slaughterhouse’s cookie-cutter approach, where the farmer has no say in the cuts of meat he gets.   Did you know that about slaughterhouses?  Bet you didn’t.

My students care about quality, about the ethical treatment of animals, about head-to-tail local eating and about delivering a product they can really be proud of.  And if they can learn how to butcher their own meat, they can also increase their profit – which in today’s challenging agricultural market – is a very good thing.