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Happy Media Moments

15 Mar

Busy weekend.

Last Friday I did a special pork butchering demo for a few media people who couldn’t make it to our big launch (see my March 3rd post).  Guess they wanted proof that I actually know what I’m doing (kidding … kidding… ) Everyone left with a doggie (oops) porky bag and the feedback is that there are several very happy eaters out there.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I was invited to a special steak seminar at Williams Sonoma in Vermont’s Burlington Mall.  Lots of fun, and lots of questions from seminarees, like:

Q:              What’s a good steak?

A:           (me yapping away) A “good steak” isn’t necessarily a New York strip or a rib-eye.  People tend to overlook cheaper cuts that can be terrific grilled – like flat-iron or tri-tip or skirt steak.   Flat iron steak is great grilled (rare to medium rare – no more).  Skirt steak is another you can grill, or first marinate and then grill.  Tri-tip is “the little roast that could” – it’s a small flat roast shaped like a triangle.  Fool-proof.  Cook to rare or medium rare (no more), then slice in any direction.

Q:            Why do I want marbling in my meat? (yes, seems like a “duh”, but you’d be surprised at how many folks out there don’t understand this concept).

A:            Many people look for “red” in their meat, not realizing that those little white lines of fat are what gives meat its taste and tenderness.

Q:            What’s the best meat to buy for ground meat?

A:            Depends on whether you want your ground meat really lean, in which case something from the round is best.  I personally prefer chuck because it contains a little more fat, holds together better and tastes great.

Then we talked about NOT BUYING pre-ground meat (eg: commercial vacuum-packed tubed, which is what it is before it gets to your meat counter), because it could contain meat from literally hundreds of animals and locations.  Risky.
Wisest thing to do is to select a piece of meat yourself, then ask the butcher to grind it.  Watch while he does it.   And that last sentence matters.

What part of California are you from?

1 Dec

What does “tri-tip” mean to you?

To me, it means California.  That’s where I learned about it, and that’s where it’s really popular.   Here in Vermont, when someone asks for a triangle tip roast, I usually say, “what part of California are you from?”

Tri-tip is actually the tail of the sirloin.  In California they take the tail off the sirloin before they slice it so it comes off in one piece and it’s shaped like a triangle.

Ta da! Tri-tip roast.  A fabulous cut of meat.

Here in Vermont they used to slice the sirloin with a bone in it and they sliced the triangle tip as well.  And I remember one of the largest supermarkets here got a whole case of tri-tips shipped to them by mistake by their wholesaler.  And instead of placing them on display, they ground them up  for hamburger.
Had no idea what to do with them.

Go figure.